About Monad Design

Monad Design was born in 2013 by designer and artist Lili Rashidova, who creates bright, original and modern jewelry. Lili is looking for great style, exclusive design and craftsmanship. Stylistically combining architectural geometric shapes with stones and pearls. The brand has been based in Bali, Indonesia and specializes in handmade jewelry production and annually presents jewelry in various styles from minimalism to art deco. We adhere to sustainable development and do not chase trends, we want to create jewelry that will always be relevant and timeless.

I am constantly looking for new forms, textures, and colors to incorporate into my designs. I am also drawn to the concept of sustainability and incorporating eco-friendly materials and processes into my work.

Ultimately, my biggest source of inspiration is the creative process itself. I find joy in experimenting with materials and techniques, and seeing my ideas come to life in a tangible form. The satisfaction of creating something unique and beautiful is what drives me to continue creating and pushing the boundaries of my craft.

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